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Pro-Jay BULLY Billet 4 Barrel Throttle body
  • Pro-Jay BULLY Billet 4 Barrel Throttle body

    PriceFrom AU$4,300.00
    Pro-Jay has been hard at work designing & manufacturing the worlds most trusted & tested inlet manifold combinations. The new 8 & 12 Injector Bully billet 4 barrel style throttle body is the answer for those seeking a compact yet ultra high flowing 4 barrel throttle body combo that is capable of housing up to 12 injectors & with O-ring sealing, allows the capability of high boost applications. The new design allows for a more compact, lower fitting, higher flowing & light weight fitment which, when matched to a Pro-Jay 4 barrel lower intake manifold is the ultimate combination for extreme horsepower. World Record Proven...Track Tested and approved with World Record after World Record @ 220+ MPH

      Pro-Jay BULLY billet 4 barrel throttle bodies are designed to use 48mm injector length. These high flowing throttle bodies are rated at 1350+cfm.

      Recomendation- High horsepower street application but bettter suited to race engines.

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