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ProMeth 4.0 GPH/252cc per minute Water/Meth Injection Nozzle
  • ProMeth 4.0 GPH/252cc per minute Water/Meth Injection Nozzle


    Quality You Can See - Flow Rates You Can Trust

    If you are looking for a water methanol injection nozzle look no further. ProMeth offers the highest quality, most accurate flow rates and more sizes then all of our competitors combined. Nobody offers the ability to fine tune your water methanol injection system or direct port better than ProMeth. Beware of competitors claiming to offer the same quality and performance with little to no proof to show for. Take a look at our Instagram page and it's easy to see some of the many shops and customers who use & trust ProMeth nozzles.

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    ProMeth dedicated to designing, engineering and manufacturing the finest quality water methanol injection systems and components for both street and strip applications. With over ten years experience working with many top engine builders, race teams and shops. We offer unmatched level of experience, knowledge and service you can’t get anywhere else. 

    Need help selecting the right water methanol injection nozzle(s) for your system or direct port? Give us a call and a knowledgeable, experienced water methanol injection technician will review your needs and explain which nozzle and mixture will best suit your needs.

    Features Include:

    • .014" inch / .356 mm orifice
    • .120" recessed orifice 
    • 60 degree spray pattern
    • Nickel plated brass
    • 7/16" wrench flat 
    • Removable 80 micron filter
    • Size stamped on each nozzle
    • 1/8th NPT threads on both sides
    • 100% methanol compatible  

    Special Notes:

    • Nozzle flow rates are based at 100 psi. 
    • 63 cc per minute is equal to 1 GPH
    • 1 cc is equal to 1 ml

    Quick Jetting Guide:

    100% water target 8-10% of fuel flow
    50/50 mix target 15–20% of fuel flow
    100% methanol target 20–25% of fuel flow

    If you don't know fuel flow you can do the following.

    Horsepower @ crank x .5  = CC jetting (pure water)
    Horsepower @ crank x 1.0 = CC jetting (50/50 mix)
    Horsepower @ crank x 1.5-2.0 = CC jetting (pure methanol)

    For example. 1000 horsepower. You would use 500cc pure water, 1000cc 50/50 mix and between 1500-2000cc pure methanol. Keep in mind these are figures to start with and do not take into consideration all the variables that we have found to affect jetting size. There are many other variables to consider. If you need help selecting a nozzle size feel free to call us directly for technical help. 

    SKU: PM-IN-252CC
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