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13B Turbo Cast Engine Packages to suit Early RX Mazda
  • 13B Turbo Cast Engine Packages to suit Early RX Mazda

    PriceFrom AU$21,500.00

    With over 30 yrs of experience building, tuning & racing rotary engines in all facets of motorsport and aviation, Race Mode are now making available (in limited numbers) engine packages from mild street to outright competition engines. Here at Race Mode, we know that no 2 cars are the same & so to cater for the individual requirements & requests, we have made it as easy as a few mouse clicks to choose your personal engine package which will be built to suit your application so by popular demand, Race Mode have introduced an array of engine packages built to order to suit most applications & shipped worldwide.

     Race Mode engine packages are built using all brand new parts & components (unless otherwise stated). Many rotary parts are no longer available from Mazda so will be replaced with an equivalent (or better) of an aftermarket alternative.

    Should your requirement not be listed in any of our available packages, please feel free to contact us directly to arrange for a custom build or part aquisition.


    Each Race Mode Engine Package Includes-

    Series 5 Turbo Rotor Housings

    Genuine Series 4 Turbo Rotors

    FD or FC Faceplates (Front, Centre & Rear)

    RX8 Eccentric Shaft 

    Front & Rear Counter Weights

    10mm Stud kit (unless upgrade selected)

    13B Turbo Oil Pump

    New Bolts Throughout

    Genuine Seal Kit (less apex seals)

    Sump to suit early RX

    12A Turbo Timing Cover

    Engine Balance

    Rotor Race Clearancing

    Spark Plug Hole Modification

    Aftermarket Alloy Race Pulley (Marked @ True TDC of the Engine)

    Plus Much More


    Lead Time is Approx 4 weeks (subject to change without notice)



    FD, Rx8 & Billet Engine Packages Coming Soon...!



    Please Note- All parts are subject to availability. Should a certain option become unavailable or is on back order, lead time may vary or an alternate available option selction required. 


    Prices listed are for engine block only. Ancillaries not included (eg-water pump housing, alternator etc)


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