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Injepro S4000 ECU
  • Injepro S4000 ECU

    PriceFrom AU$1,495.00

    Introducing the Injepro S4000

    The S4000  is a programmable electronic injection that professionally manages 1 to 12 cylinder engines with full high-resolution injection and ignition maps, performs individual adjustments and corrections per injection cylinder and rotating ignition, and features a complete map of probe correction for fine tuning in any load and rotation of the engine.

    It has an integrated datalogger, programmable in real time through  Tune-Up or through the computer with  S4000 Software .

    4 Ignition outputs

    INJEPRO was born from the need to seek new electronic solutions in engine management, the creation and improvement of this new technology required research, technique and a lot of dedication from a team committed to developing a modern and efficient product.

    The design of the Injepro programmable electronic injection has demonstrated a functional management and surprising results that challenge the team every day to optimize the technology and reach the full satisfaction of our clients.

    Injepro work intensely in the development of technically designed products to provide security, reliability, and satisfaction for demanding people who seek to overcome limits. The Injepro team is highly qualified to develop, perfect and offer all technical support with the guarantee of a personalized service.



    Product Measurements:  16.5x14x3 cm (LxWxH)

    Package  dimensions : 18x22x6 cm (LxWxD). 

    Weight:  2000g.

    Manual and Software S4000

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