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Billet Atomizer Racing Injector 120PPH

Billet Atomizer Racing Injector 120PPH

PriceFrom AU$415.00

Do you want reliable Fuel injectors that can keep up with your engine?

 You are not alone... One common question we are frequently asked is can we supply enough injectors to make X amount of horsepower...Well the answer is now a resounding YES.

 Race Mode have now proudly partnered with the best in the business when it comes to Racing Fuel injectors... Billet Atomizer !!!

 The name Billet Atomizer is synonymous with extreme power levels in the racing scene having been manufacturing Injectors & components for many years so not only have they pioneered the science of high volume fuel delivery , They have perfected it!

 With injector sizes from 100pph to a whopping 1,100pph, Billet Atomizer have injectors to suit most racing applications...


  • Tech Specs

    120 PPH base fuel pressure 43.5psi

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