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Billet Inc Rear Alloy Face Plate
  • Billet Inc Rear Alloy Face Plate


    Little did the engineers at Mazda know that the rotary engine they were designing for the revolutionary RX7 & Cosmo passenger vehicles would one day exceed the OEM factory power levels by 3,4, or even up to 5 times in power. Whilst the Mazda OEM plates are known to handle high levels of power & torque, reliability does become an issue at some point. 

     With motorsport continuously breaking records & pushing boundaries on both the track & on the street, Billet Inc Alloy Billet Face Plates are now powering the fastest rotaries on the planet with current world records in both the twin rotor & triple rotor engine configurations. The reason the champions choose Billet Inc is clear & obvious....High Quality finishes, Patented design & the ability to cope with extreme power & boost levels.

    Billet Inc utilises its patented O ringed replaceable insert design which is replaceable in the rare event of a mishap or an easy way to change your porting design.

    Oil Filter Housing – a special feature is the rear oil filter housing which we have incorporated as part of the rear plate. It has provision to have four -8 fittings, one being supply from front timing cover and three -8 fittings to feed the front and inter plate if needed and also the 20B center plate.

    This rear plate can also be used for our 26B engines that require pressure feeds to the front and two inter plates.

    The rear plate also has a starter motor pocket, if this feature is not required we have an insert to cover and seal the mid plate.

    **We have also revised the processes for our patented replaceable and removable wear face insert. This allows for easy and cost-effective replacement, keeping spares on hand ensures minimum downtime, having you back on the track the same day.



    All Billet Inc plates have had a 3D machined face lift, we have ensured significant weight reductions by eliminating excess material that was not required without sacrificing strength and durability. Our new design incorporates the flexibility to allow for wet or dry sump applications, and all ports are fully CNC Machined.

    • Full Water Jacket design
    • Our Patented Replaceable wear face insert, allows for easy and cost-effective replacement
    • Solid bearing support for high boost and high RPM engines
    • Dry and or Wet sump compatible
    • Direct bearing oil feed
    • Compatible with all Mazda OEM accessories
    • Increases in strength, reliability and power, increased weight reductions
    • As used in a number of record breaking cars around the world
    • Built under strict quality control to precise tolerances
    • Factory intake port or Plates can be ported to customer supplied template (FREE of charge)
    • Your choice of anodizing (FREE of charge)

    Billet Inc World Record Holders powering the fastest 13B & 20B on the planet to a 6.08 @ 229mph (20B) & 6.16 @ 222mph (13B)

    Worlds Fastest Rotary- Click Here to see Billet Inc in action

    Worlds Fastest 13B- Click Here to see 13B world record powered by Billet Inc

    Worlds Fastest 12A- Click Here Billet Inc currently holds the world record for the fastest 12A, 13B & 20B. All are using Billet Inc Plates...

    At RaceMode, we align ourselves with quality brands, manufacturers & products that produce winning results.


    Please Note- Shipping of Billet Inc Alloy Face Plates occasionally may be delayed due to international demand.

    Please don't hesitate to call or email for availability.

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