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Bosch DBW Accelerator Pedal Module
  • Bosch DBW Accelerator Pedal Module

    PriceFrom AU$135.00




    Bosch Accelerator Pedal Module may drastically reduce the time or fabrication required for retro fitment of a DBW throttle body.  


    - 16degree (~70mm) travel
    - Firewall mounted hanging design suitable for Drive-by-wire (DBW) control
    - Redundant dual output potentiometers suitable for use with Electronic throttle bodies
    - Use 6-pin Compact mating connector F 005 X11 508


    Application and model suitability:

    - Generic use
    - Custom applications
    - For use with ECU's controlling Electronic throttle systems


    **Fitment &/or fabrication required to install Accelerator Pedal Module should be carried out by a professional technician**

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