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Bosch Drive By Wire Throttle Body
  • Bosch Drive By Wire Throttle Body


    With modern day aftermarket ECUs offering more technical features than ever before, Drive By Wire (DBW) has become one of the features that has become extremely popular. A great way to 'modernise' your drive is to adapt electronic throttle control and a Bosch DBW throttle body has been tested, tried & proven in both street & race car applications. 


     Please be sure that your ECU has the DBW feature & the ability to control a DBW throttle body. An accelerator pedal module may also be required to complete the electrical aspect of the installation.


    - Bosch Motorsport electronic throttle bodies set the standard for reliable and high performance drive-by-wire (DBW) throttle control
    - Our largest 82mm Bore size
    - Dual potentiometer redundancy
    - OE quality and performance
    -Includes groove on inlet port flange
    - Use mating connector D 261 205 358-01

    Application and model suitability:

    - Generic use
    - Custom applications
    - Requires electronic accelerator pedal or mechanical pedal with integrated sensors and ECU capable of running ETC

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