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Full Function Engineering FC13B Trigger Kit
  • Full Function Engineering FC13B Trigger Kit

    PriceFrom AU$475.00

    It is no secret that higher horsepower & torque can come at the expense of reliability & consistency. We have become spoilt for choice when it comes to ECU selection & most modern ECUs now have a high degree of accuracy & much larger & faster processors & speeds but no matter how great your ECU is, it can only be as accurate as the information it receives. One of the most vital signals an ECU requires is that from the Crank Angle Sensor.

     With 13B crank sensors becoming difficult to find & are now ageing with some as old as 30+yrs & the fact that the FC uses a distributor type crank angle sensor which may suffer from excessive gear lash resulting in timing movement (every degree of crank angle sensor movement equals 2 degree of timing fluctuation at the crank), the Full Function Engineering Trigger Kit rectifies a few issues at once. The FFE trigger kit eliminates the issue using a 30+yr old CAS, It is fixed directly onto the front pulley eliminating the chance of unwanted timing float & most importantly uses 36-1 teeth which is far more accurate that the 12 + 1 as used by the factory.

    This trigger kit will require a capable aftermarket ECU to be compatible so please check with your ECU manufacturer first.

    Available in both Magnetic or Hall sensor.


    36-1 trigger kit compatible with Adaptronic, AEM Series 1,2,4 & Infinity, Autronic SM4, Haltech Elite, Link G4 Series, Motec M84/400/600/800, Megasquirt MS2/MS3, Pectel SQ6, Injepro S3000/4000/4500/8000/T10K



    Not compatible with air conditioning and power steering (AC/PS)


    Old School 12A/13B

    85-91 RX7 (13B/13B-T)

    90–95 Eunos Cosmos (13B-RE)


    OEM quality magnetic (VR) sensor

    2 Pin USCar waterproof connector

    O-ringed CAS block-off insert

    High quality, electroless nickel plated trigger wheel

    6061-T6 anodized aluminum

    All required 18-8 stainless steel hardware

    If you’re interested in the difference between Hall and Mag sensors please read THIS.

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