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Honda K Series Genuine OEM  50° VTC

Honda K Series Genuine OEM 50° VTC


Honda K series are without a doubt growing fast in popularity in both FWD & RWD configurations & in both Turbo & NA applications.

 The K series lends itself and is highly responsive to modificationswhich makes  this intake cam gear a wise choice to increase mid range power & torque. The 50 ° vtc cam gear allows the competent tuner & much wider range of cam control which supercedes the 25 ° OEM VTC gear. 


Please Note- It will be wise to check with your tuner & engine builder to the suitability of this cam gear to your application. If your engine is using or plan to use aftermarket conrods, pistons or camshafts, We highly recommend checking clearances (valve to piston) along with all other mechanical components in your application & to confirm that your engine management is capable of VTC control.

**Fitting & Tuning by a qualified or highly competent person/s is highly recommended.


OEM Part No- 14310-RBC-003

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