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Injepro DashPro
  • Injepro DashPro

    DashPRO is the ideal tool for monitoring and acquiring data. It combines the functions of configurable panel and shift light. In addition, it has resistive touch screen and case machined in Aluminum. This product provides the user with optimal real-time monitoring of the operation of their motor.



    Technical specifications 

    - 5-inch Touchscreen LCD. Resolution 800x480 pixels 

    - Aluminum Cabinet with Black Paint Fosca

    - 32-Bit Next-Generation Processor

    - Can Network Connection

    - Update via USB

    - Anti-reflection flap

    - Compatible with the INJEPRO injection line: EFI-Light V2, EFI-Pro V2, S4000, SFI-Pro 6, S8000.

    - 10 configurable upper LEDs for Shift Light function

    - 4 Configurable Leds for Alerts

    - Reverse voltage protection system

    SKU: DASHPRO1481
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