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Injepro S4500 ECU
  • Injepro S4500 ECU

    PriceFrom AU$1,495.00


    The INJEPRO S4500 module professionally manages 1 to 12 Otto cycle cylinders with complete injection and high-resolution ignition map. Works with sequential injection engines up to 4 cylinders and sequential ignition up to 6 cylinders. It features integrated electronic throttle management or stepper motor type idle actuator. It has individual adjustments per channel when connected to an output by injector or coil.


    The S4500 features injection angle adjustment, integrated datalogger, closed (wideband) or narrow band probe, and air conditioning control, PWM control, Nitro PWM, 3-stage Boost, possibility of using additional nozzles, fuel pump timed and two drives of Electro Fan, speed reading free wheel and traction wheel and active control by uncoupling.

    Its configuration can be done through the dedicated software INJEPRO or by the module itself through the keys and display. It is also possible to configure via Bluetooth with the INJEPRO Connect Pro and INJEPRO Handset applications.




    S4500 Manual and Software

    Click here and go to the downloads page

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