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Injepro S8000 ECU
  • Injepro S8000 ECU

    PriceFrom AU$2,650.00

    Introducing the Injepro S8000 ECU

    INJEPRO brought together in one module all the functions of EBC-PRO, EGS-2, GBE-PRO and WB Meter. It has an internal datalogger with more than 80 channels where it is possible to record at 1, 10, 20, 50 or 100 Hertz.
    With a powerful 32 Bit processor of last generation allows to configure up to 4 different and independent maps that can be used for numerous management situations.
    Programmable in real time, it allows access to all injection maps, ignition and corrections according to the engine conditions.
    Its new anodized aluminum case equipped with an automotive connector allows for better sealing and ensures the quality of the connection for much longer.
    Its programming can be done by software "Software S8000" and Tune-up.
    Its application is for any type of Otto cycle engine with up to 12 cylinders or up to 4 rotors using as fuel: gasoline, alcohol, methanol, CNG, nitromethane and compatible fuels, its management is of up to 24 configurable outputs for injection, ignition and others. 
    For added safety, the S8000 is equipped with alerts for situations that can cause engine hazards such as: engine temperature, low oil pressure, over rotation, and more. Alerts are configurable according to your needs, also in the S8000 software there is a fault memory function that will inform the user of possible problems during the installation.
    Ignition management can be done by distributor or phonic wheel, enabling the use of a single coil, double coil or individual coils per cylinder, in a lost or sequential spark. For fuel injectors the control can be applied sequentially, semi-sequentially or all pulsating at the same time with individual compensation per cylinder and injection phase angle configuration.
    It has control of 2 variable commands by PWM and progressive nitro configured by rotation and desired load, reading of speed of the wheels with new functions of control of traction. With serial input and CAN network for communication with other modules. 


    Product Measurements: 17,5x18x2x3,5 cm (LxWxD).
    Package dimensions: 34x22x6 cm (LxWxH). (measures of 1 carton, the shipment of the product is made in two packages)
    Weight: 2800g.
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