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Injepro T5000 ECU
  • Injepro T5000 ECU

    PriceFrom AU$2,450.00


    The all new Injepro T5000 is not only feature packed to offer one of the best value ECUs on the market, but is designed as an integrated ECU & Dash in one so there is no need to purchase a display or dash seperately or any wires joining the ECU to the display.

     With a color touch screen display, the Injepro T5000 has all the important  information you require at your fingertips. 


    The exterior is injected in ABS plastic & is mounted with 4 rubber insulating mounts which minimizes vibrations & provides a stable adjustment of the display.


    The T5000 has a 34-way automotive connector, with 7 configurable inputs and 12 outputs, making it possible to use many features that the product offers, such as:


    • Closed loop

    • Sequential injection up to 8 cylinders and semi-sequential up to 12 cylinders 

    • Sequential Ignition up to 8 Cyl. and wasted spark up to 12 Cyl.

    • Up to 3 rotors

    • 10 configurable inputs

    • 16 configurable outputs

    • Drive by wire control

    • Data logging

    • Drag functions



    In addition, it has a 5-inch touchscreen display, which has an authentic instrument panel, which was developed to make viewing more practical and with many configuration options.   


    It presents data such as: speed, rpm, gear, sensor channels, actuators and other available information. 


    Check out all T5000 details and features in the software and manual available for download on our Download Page


    Contact our sales team and learn more about the T5000.


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