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L-Series Billet CAS
  • L-Series Billet CAS


    With the rise in popularity of fuel injection in both street & motorsport, A retro fit of fuel injection has never been easier with the option to run full sequential fuel injection with a fitment of a well designed crank angle sensor.


    Our popular L-Series Crank Angle Sensor has evolved.

    This sensor is a drop in replacement for Nissan / Datsun L-Series engines. It provides sequentially capable signal information for 4 & 6 cylinder applications. Inside the sensor uses 24-1 tooth trigger pattern with Bosch Motorsport hall effect sensor. Compatible with most standalone ECU solutions.


    Included in the kit is the sensor, connector, terminals, seals and all fasteners.

    Single Tooth wheels are also available.

    To see our earlier model CAS in use, check out this video :

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