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Lotse Pro-Drag Racing Steering Wheels
  • Lotse Pro-Drag Racing Steering Wheels

    PriceFrom AU$515.00

    There is an unexplained feeling when most racers & car enthusiasts get behind the wheel of their pride & joy and the first point of contact once the door closes & the sounds from the outside world become a mere muffle is the steering wheel & the importance of the ergonomic feel that can be achieved comes down to the selection of the components in the build & build quality. Lotse steering wheels know this feeling only too well which is why Lotse has become the chosen brand for motor enthusiasts in all forms of motorsport around the world. 

     Made in Brazil under strict quality control, Lotse have a large selection of steering wheels & the matching accessories to suit most drivers & their motoring project. Make your next turn with a Lotse Volantes.


    Lotse Pro-Drag racing Steering Wheels are available in a number of configurations & are manufactured with racing in mind being one of the lightest steering wheels available & used by racers worldwide.



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