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M&W Pro-14R suit Rotary (2 rotor,street/circuit)
  • M&W Pro-14R suit Rotary (2 rotor,street/circuit)

    PriceFrom AU$1,425.00

    M&W Ignitions specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality (digital) Capacitor Discharge Ignition systems suitable for use in all applications from street to F1 where reliability is of utmost importance. All units are available with sequential ECU/Hall, Motec IEX, Autronic Multiplex and M&W Ignition Bus inputs.

     The M&W Pro-14R was designed and developed to use on 2 rotor street/circuit/drift direct fire ignition applications where consistant high rpm & loads are required. 

     In the modern era, engines are becoming extremely powerful, especially with the aid of readily available fuels such as E85 which allow much higher boost levels than that of just a few years ago. The Pro-14R is capable of producing 115mj of energy and can withstand rpm levels of 10,500rpm & beyond. Suitable to be used with most ECUs, M&W lead the way in CDI Ignition technology.

    Please click HERE to view installation & technical notes.

    SKU: MW-PRO14R
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