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Pro-Jay BULLY FULL PP Billet 13B Intake Manifold
  • Pro-Jay BULLY FULL PP Billet 13B Intake Manifold


    Introducing The All New Pro-Jay FULL PP 13B Bully Intake Manifold...

    The market leader in intake systems and used by some of the fastest sport compact vehicles on the planet, Pro-Jay intake systems are made to the highest quality with the ability to flow copious amounts of air whilst remaining compact. 

    The popular 13B engine has long been the pinnacle of the rotary bloodline and  so the Pro-Jay BULLY Billet 2 Rotor Full PP intake manifold was design for maximum velocity and suits the hardcore racer or the extreme enthusiasts.

     Having had worldwide success breaking world records with the 4 Barrel BULLY semi PP, Pro-Jay have taken the intake air flow and fueling requirements to the next level...

    In order to create more power & assuming your current intake is working close to or at capacity, the hunger for more air must need to be adhered to in order to achieve greater results.

     First we needed to increase the air flow, and we tackled that by utilising the tried, tested & trusted Pro-Jay single 90mm butterfly billet throttle body. Also designing a larger plenum with minimum internal obstruction. The runners are designed to drastically increase the air velocity by the time it reaches the injectors and passing into the engine. The new Pro-Jay 'sealing sleeve' is designed to seal against air or fuel leaks under high boost applications.  All of this was accomplished while maintaining two important factors in mind, increase air velocity while reducing air turbulence giving us the final outcome of higher horse power and more torque. 

    Suitable for Turbo or Naturally Aspirated applications


    Here is the New Pro-Jay 13B FULL PP Billet Bully Intake System. The ultimate manifold to complete your performance, race or show car.
    • 90mm Pro-jay low profile throttle body
    • Available in 8 or 12 injector ports
    • Ready for 60mm x 14mm injectors
    • Or Billet Atomizers
    • Pro-Jay Peripheral Sleeves combined with the sealing sleeve 
    • 6061 T6 billet aluminum
    • 100% USA made
    • High flow -10 fuel rails
    • Stainless hardware
    • All Viton O-ring
    • Unique custom design 
    • No copy and past
    Also Available

    • 3 Rotor application
    • 4 Rotor application

    *Please note- Due to the number of different configurations & specific customer requirements, this product is made to order. A deposit is required before any order is placed and a lead time for manufacture &/or shipping is required.

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