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Pro-Jay SNIPER Billet 13B Intake Manifold
  • Pro-Jay SNIPER Billet 13B Intake Manifold

    PriceFrom AU$5,550.00

    The ALL NEW Pro-Jay Sniper Series Intake Manifolds are a whole new creation with a unique compact design to allow more real estate in your engine bay without comprimising on performance.

    The market leader in intake systems and used by some of the fastest sport compact vehicles on the planet, Pro-Jay intake systems are made to the highest quality with the ability to flow copious amounts of air whilst remaining compact. Based on the popular 13B Turbo 2 (FC Rx7) or REW/Cosmo shaped 'over the engine' design, The Pro-Jay Sniper Series Intake allows it to be fitted to both left hand or right hand drive vehicles with relative ease.

    The runners are designed to drastically increase the air velocity by the time it reaches the injectors and passing into the engine.  All of this was accomplished while maintaining two important factors in mind, increase air velocity while reducing air turbulence giving us the final outcome of higher horse power and more torque while maintaining great idle and super fast throttle response. 


    • First stage of 4 injector are located on the front side and low on the intake manifold
    • Second stage of 4 injector are located on the backside and high on the intake manifold
    • Available in Turbo 2 (FC Rx7) or Cosmo inlet port designs
    • Interchangeable insert for regular or billet Automizer injectors 
    • Pro-Jay Billet 90mm Throttle Body matched to the 90mm intake inlet opening 
    • Center feed plenum design with front and back split chamber
    • Semi peripheral ports are feeding from primary and secondary runner
    • Compact design great for turbo system clearance and steering column
    • Easy access to front fuel rail
    • Laser cut stainless steel heat shield 
    • All stainless steel hardware
    • 6061-T6 billet aluminum
    • 100% USA Made
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