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ProMeth Stage 1 (Basic Fender Kit)
  • ProMeth Stage 1 (Basic Fender Kit)

    PriceFrom AU$830.00

     Water/Methanol Injection is not a new idea however the way it is being administered is always evolving.

    There are many ways & ideas on how to setup Water/Meth injection. One of the most effective ways are by utilising a high pressure pump that is not only compatible with methanol, but is able to work consistently & reliably at high pressures & luckily, the ProMeth pump can do just that. Manufactured in the USA, the Prometh water/meth pumps come in 3 sizes (flow rates) that can cater from the sedate street car lor diesel tow rig to 3000+hp drag monsters.

      The ProMeth Stage 1 kit is a high quality entry level kit. Although the stage 1 kits are not supplied with any form of digital controller, most reputable aftermarket ECUs will be up to the task. The kit can also be setup as a 'switched' type system to be activated at a suitable power &/or boost level.

    The ProMeth kits are upgradable and addons are simple & effective.


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