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S3000 ECU
  • S3000 ECU

    PriceFrom AU$1,295.00


    The INJEPRO S3000 module professionally manages 1 to 12 cylinders with full injection map and high resolution.
    Its configuration can be done through the dedicated software INJEPRO or by the module itself through the keys and display. It is also possible to configure via Bluetooth with the INJEPRO Connect Pro and Injepro Handset applications.


    * 3 Injector outputs 

    * 6 Ignition outputs

    * 3 Stage boost control

    * 5 Internal maps

    * Engine Application (1-12 cylinders or 2 rotor)

    * Anti-Lag

    * Fuel & Ignition Corrections

    * NOS Control

    * Engine Alerts

    * Bluetooth intergration

    * Wideband & Narrow band compatibility

    * 6 Configurable inputs

    * 11 Configurable outputs

    * Intergrated datalogger

    * Includes Full Length Wiring Loom


    Manual and Software S3000

    Click here and go to the downloads page

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