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Volute Water/Meth Injection (single stage)
  • Volute Water/Meth Injection (single stage)

    PriceFrom AU$385.00

    Volute injection is intended for those who are looking to improve their turbochargers/centrifugal supercharger compressor output and to help aid in reducing the air discharge temperatures. Originally developed as a technique to get around the rules for certain classes of drag racing which did not permit the use of pre-compressor water methanol injection, ProMeth moved the injection into the volute and discovered volute injection to work just as well as injecting water methanol pre-compressor.

    This system can be configured in two ways. Either as a progressive or non-progressive flow. Included is the ProMeth Pulse Series solenoid that can be pulsed up to 20 hertz at 200 psi making it well suited for progressive use. System is universal and can be fitted to any centrifugal supercharger or turbocharger volute. Stainless steel hoses are provided longer than need to allow the user to cut and fit the hoses to desired length. Hoses come pre-flared on one end while other end is to be connected using the supplied flare less compression fitting. No need for a flare tool. Customer only needs to cut the hose to the desired length.   

    Features Include:

    • Billet -4AN nozzle holders
    • Pulse Series solenoid
    • Preformed stainless steel lines
    • 100% methanol compatible

    Special Notes:

    • Stainless steel hose's are provide longer so users can cut them to length as they need.  
    • Nozzles are not included and provided as an option 
    • Compressor housing not included
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